About us

Comfort & Health Homeware Company Limited(CHHC) located at Xihu Technology Park, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province of China, has been specially dedicated in the production and exporting of heat resistant tempered opal glassware and high borosilicate glassware since the former factory established in 1983.
With more than three decades’ effort and inventiveness, now CHHC has enjoyed the most various shapes of opal and high borosilicate glassware products in China, and devoted ourselves to providing the healthiest dinnerware to the world.
The raw material of CHHC’s products are glass, which is non porous in all of its forms and therefore doesn’t retain any mirco organisms leading to bacterial contamination. With the very original mind of the public’s health, CHHC has also been the very first and still the very few ones in Chinese glass factories using non lead & cadmium decals to ensure the strictest food safety.
Stay hungry, stay foolish. CHHC will never forget the very beginning mind and always keep the spirit of craftsman.
CHHC welcomes clients all over the world to join us and bring the healthy dinnerware to all families so life will tastes good.